In my e-mail templates you will get the following:
– Response to inquiry
– After your initial e-mail
– Once your client books you
– When you have not heard back from an inquiry
– When two people want the same date
– Introductory e-mail for working with a new coordinator
– Introductory e-mail when working with a coordinator you previously worked with.
– Publication submission request to client
– Submission Questionnaire: Weddings
– Submission Questionnaire: Engagements
– Check in e-mail: One Week Before the wedding
– Post Wedding E-mail: Client
– Post wedding e-mail: Coordinator
– When the photos are ready: Client
– When Photos are ready: Vendors

This includes social media guidelines and Photo Credit Guidelines

  • Testimonial Review Request: Client
  • Album Design

This includes the step-by-step process of placing an order as well as time restrictions for albums included in packages.



Every wedding photographer has their own method in how they document a wedding. This normally improves after shooting weddings for many years and gaining necessary experience.  Sometimes, as our business grows, we start to realize our older methods may have been flawed in certain areas and so we build upon them.

I have comprised for you, a 24 page PDF that includes a detailed outline of the shots that I have found to be essential in curating a beautiful wedding through my photography.  I would like to add that when designing this shot list, I made a point of listing shots that will also give you a better chance at getting published. Shots that I have found, publishers look for.

I hope that this shot list helps you better cultivate your wedding photography in such a way that it gives you the freedom to focus on your beautiful photos, without having to worry about what shots to take.

I would like to add that I tried especially hard to describe each section that would not put boundaries onto same sex weddings. Every shot in this guide works for all weddings alike! I do say, bride and groom at times but that is just for the standard description to make things easily described. Just know that this shot list is for all!

In my Wedding Day Shot List you will get the following:

  • Introduction
  • Everything you need to know about shooting details. From the getting ready photos, the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. I break this down into a descriptive guide to better help you capture every last important detail.
  • Getting ready photos guide. Broken down into the ladies and the gents.
  • The bridal party broken down into Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and group photos.
  • The first look
  • The ceremony from start to finish.
  • The reception from start to finish.


As photographers, we know how vital being published can be to get our work out there and see by the world. This is true for wedding photographers as well as photographers in other professions such as travel photographers and portrait photographers.  Sometimes it can be weeks or even up to six months before you hear back from a publication. This can make it difficult to keep track of your submissions for each and every shoot you hope to publish.  With my publication tracker, you can keep your submissions organized and never have to worry again about remembering your submission history.
In my publication tracker you will find the following:
– Section for client (Or project) names
– Dates you submitted the publication & who you submitted to
– The published on date.
– 4 sections per publication
– A sample page
– All in one streamlined document to help you stay on top of your submissions.
– Here you can also fill in if it was denied so that you know your submission history.

Getting to know your clients on a personal level is crucial to building a lasting relationship with them. You want to get to know who they really are so that when you photograph them, their personalities show through in your photographs. This questionnaire will hopefully allow you to start getting to know your clients a bit better and helping you get a glimpse into their personal wedding style.  If anything, use this as a building block to comprise your own questionnaire form.
My client questionnaire contains the following:
– Wedding details, such as color and style
– Venue information
– Add on questions such as for Engagement sessions, albums and first looks.
– Personal questions to help get a sense of who they are and of their style.
– 1 vital Wedding inspiration question every photographer should ask each client.

Comes with a blank task list form (much like the client task list form) as well as a larger spaced checklist form.

Blank checklist & Task forms include the following:
– Checklist style task sheet
– 25 sections on one page
– Section on task sheet to enter completion date
– Checklist sheet of 15 sections – wider spaced
– Both have a completely blank section on the top of the page so that you can fill out what you wish for each.