Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I wish I had that in my contract” after something happened (Like not being fed in a timely fashion) or after something happening to another vendor? Yeah, me too.  In fact, one time I had a client who’s coordinator told us we could eat the “scraps in the back” and mind you, we had not been fed in 10+hours. This was after I was established as well and needless to say I was appalled. The videographer had in his contract that if not fed within x amount of time that they leave an hour early. I found myself thinking, “Dang. I really wish that was in my contract right now.”  I spoke to the couple and told them I would be leaving 30 minutes early instead (as I wasn’t about to eat leftover scraps). After a 10 hour day, I think that was way too generous on my end to stay. However, because this was not in my contract, I didn’t feel I could leave any sooner than I did. Needless to say, this is in there now.  There are some things you just don’t think about until it happens to you. There are some things that you may know you want to include but are unsure of how to word it.

Well, I got you covered photographer friends! I have created a 6 page 12 section contract that is thorough and clearly worded so that there is no room for miscommunication between you and your client.
In my wedding day contract I have included the following:
– Contact information & Package Information plus albums and extras
– Invoices and Scheduling
– Exclusivity, copyrights and requested Photographs
– Liability, Emergencies & Cancellations
– Attendance and Cancellation Policy
– Travel, Etiquette and Expectations

Having a good second shooter is essential for most wedding photographers, including myself.  Without clear communication between the two of you and an understanding of what you expect, things can become uncomfortable and you may find yourself in a pretty bad situation.  This is why it is important to discuss what is allowed, not allowed and to provide the knowledge of your expectations, which is vital to making your relationship not only work, but to grow.
In my second shooter agreement, you will find the following:
– Reservation & Cancellation Fees
– Independent Contractor Standing
– Emergencies
– Image Delivery & Payment
– Etiquette Expectations
– Copyright and Digital Negative Ownership & Liability
– Social Media Agreement

At the beginning of every month, I like to set my goals for what I hope to accomplish that month for my business. That is why I created a monthly goals calendar to share with you. I hope that this calendar helps you visualize out your month so that you can accomplish your goals by the dates you set.
In my monthly goals calendar you get the following:
– A plain month view calendar with 48 spaces so that you can enter this months goals as well as the following months first few weeks.
– Note: You do not need to put in dates in each section but can fill out blocks of goals and customize your dates as you see fit because of the extra sections.

I cannot tell you how much having a marketing calendar has improved my business. The only issue was that every single one I had purchased never had everything on one page that allowed me to have literally, all of my marketing tasks laid out.  This is why I created my marketing calendar that is targeted for photographers, videographers, bloggers and YouTubers alike.
In my Marketing Calendar you will get the following:
– Mon-Sun Weekly Calendar
– Sections include the following:
– When to write your blog content
– When to post your blog content
– Instagram & Facebook content and posting
– Video + Photo Editing and Filming
– YouTube Posting

I created this daily task list because I had yet to find one that not only gave me the room to write in all of my daily tasks (As there are a lot of them!) but to also include my personal tasks for the day, in one clean and organized template.  Well, now one exists! If you can’t find it, create it!

In my daily task list you will find
– 24 checklist style sections for work tasks
– 10 checklist style sections for personal tasks
– Place to put in today’s date