Let’s be honest, building your photography company is no easy task. We often find ourselves stuck behind a desk trying to get our businesses off and running more so than actually getting to do what we love, taking pictures!  I know that this was a struggle for me when I first started out and finally in 2016 I made over $90,000 in sales, finally hitting that mark where all of my hard work finally began to pay off.

This year, I want to share with you the pieces of the entrepreneur puzzle so-to-speak, that helped me get to where I am now. Those pieces are these templates that I am sharing with you today. They helped me get organized and become more prepared so that I could get back to doing what I love and spend less time stuck behind my desk. You know, living life?  I comprised a set of templates that I think are essential for running a photography business.


In the Photographer’s Essentials Bundle you will get the following:
– Daily Task List
– Weekly Calendar & Weekly Marketing Calendar & Publication Tracker
– Monthly Goals Calendar
– Blank Checklist & Client Checklist
– Client Questionnaire
– Work For Hire Agreement
– Photoshoot Agreement
– Second Shooter Agreement
– Wedding Day Contract
– Model Release/Agreement
– Wedding Day Shot List
– E-Mail Templates


When starting on the journey of entrepreneurship, it is so important (and so often overlooked) to lay the groundwork of your business. By this I mean, having an organized structure for everything from your day-to-day tasks, social media and keeping track of each of your clients.  This is why I created these templates. I first designed them to better help myself stay on top of my important tasks and my marketing. Since then, I have had so much success with these templates and they have truly helped me run my business. I want to now share them with you, my fellow entrepreneurs!
In my Entrepreneur Bundle you will get the following:
– Weekly Marketing Calendar
– Daily task List
– Weekly Calendar
– Monthly Goals Calendar
– Blank Checklist
– Client checklist

It is so hard when you are starting your business to sometimes know how to not only protect yourself but your clients. After flipping through pages and pages of sample contracts and trying to understand the legal jargon, trying to understand what works for your business and piecing all of these things together, can be a daunting task. Been there my friend!  This is why I created this set of agreements and documents for you, so that you can skip the painful sifting and have a clear voice from the start. Now doesn’t that sound nice? Please Note: These are focused toward photographers.
In my Contractual Bundle you get the following:
– Work For Hire Agreement
– Second Shooter Agreement
– Wedding Day Contract: Between you and your client (6 pages and 12 sections).
– Model Release/Agreement

I created what I call a basic “Work For Hire” agreement. This is something I have my team sign when I am planning a photoshoot. I have models sign this as well as their model release/agreement. I also have all of my shooters and assistants sign this to ensure the security of my shoot date.  I believe it is essential for every photographer to have an agreement such as this. Especially for a photoshoot that requires a lot of planning and money. When you cannot except flakiness or assume the risk of someone backing out and then having to scramble to find a replacement.  This agreement ensures that your team will be there on the date agreed upon and that you can rest easy knowing your photoshoot will happen when planned.
In my Work For Hire agreement, you will find the following:
– Independent Contractor Standing
– Reservation & Cancellation
– Statement of Cancellation Fees & Emergencies



Model releases and agreements are an essential part of being a photographer. Even as a wedding photographer, if you are ever planning a stylized shoot, then you need a model release.  Anytime the person you are shooting is not a paying client who already signed a separate client/photographer agreement (such as a wedding contract), you should have them sign a model release agreement.  Having a clear model release will ensure that you never have to worry about someone staking claim to or trying to profit from one of your images.
In this Model Release/Agreement you will find the following:
– Release of Rights for photographic materials such as prints, profits, reproductions, galleries and sales (+more).
– Release of rights for future profit
– Photographer’s ownership and rights of photos
– Protecting Your Images Form Being Altered (or having filters added to them on social media!)
– Liability & Copyright