49-THE ARGUS IMAGE copyParis est toujours une bonne idée.

Winter has arrived here in Los Angeles (if you can call it winter) and nostalgia sets in. The crisp, clean air that accompanies this time of year, my favorite season, makes me remember a period of my life that I will never forget; The time I lived in Paris.

Paris, with its unbelievable charm and beauty, immediately sucked me in and, instead of staying three weeks as I had originally planned, I ended up staying for 6 months. I accompanied some big fashion photographers, working alongside them and expanding my photographic prowess. I even worked in music for a short stint, writing lyrics and singing for a Paris based music group. I made some dear friends that I know I will have for life and who accompanied me on my journey.

The city was beautiful as well as challenging, which are always welcome aspects for me. Paris, to me, is a city that is raw, beautiful and pushes you to become stronger. I not only learned a lot about myself but also thank Paris for expanding my photographic horizons. The city is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically romantic cities in the world. Whether you intend to live in Paris, vacation there, work there or you are just stopping through, Paris is always a good idea. It is truly a city that captures your heart.

One of the first places I stayed was with a friend in République. I would use the metro at Rue Oberkampf to head there everyday for about a week. I later lived in Mènilmontant where I subleased an apartment for a couple of months. Both of these locations that I lived in were close to where the recent attack on Paris was (near the Bataclan Theater). It was very surreal when I heard the news as Paris was such a momentous part of my life. Especially having lived so close to where one of the attacks occurred. I remembered sitting outside the cafés almost everyday. I was relieved when I heard that all of my friends were safe but I felt a terrible sadness for all of those that had fallen victim to such a hateful crime.

With Beirut and Baghdad having been hit by ISIS as well, now more than ever we need to unite together and hope that humanity prevails.

I am planning to return to Paris to show my support in a few weeks time. My hope is that spring will be a new beginning not only for Paris, but for the world and humanity as a whole.

Tu n’es pas seul.
Bisous à vous x
Britt Arnett

We all know the typical Monday through Friday grind at work. That 9-5 set schedule that helps guide our weekly routines. However, when you’re an entrepreneur and work from home, working any day of the week – if not everyday of the week – can become quite the challenge. Staying on track can be more than half the battle.

Having a work-life balance is extremely important and something I have found myself struggling with at times. When you work weekends, whether it be at home, on set filming or in the wedding industry, you need to find what works best for you in order to avoid that classic “burn out.”

Lately, I have ventured out and chosen to work on my tasks at two of my favorite local cafés, Stonehaus or Le Pain Quotidien. Not only does the vibe there allow me to focus on my work, they both also happen to serve excellent coffee and food. And what’s work without a good cup of coffee, right? Mixing up locations gives me fresh motivation and then allows me to shut off when I do return home at the end of the day.

My other go-to trick (and I got this idea from an article that I read in Forbes a while back) came from the concept of “The Four Day Work Week.” Basically, what it said was to not work on Mondays and to use that day to schedule out the rest of your work week. This is great for some but for me I simply cannot fit all of my work into a four day period. However this article did give me a different perspective on how to efficiently set up my week.

Here are a few of my little tricks for success and productivity…

  1. I ALWAYS hand write a To Do list. Every night without fail. This is especially important on Sundays for me as I will set out a weekly plan.
  2. Setting up your week. As stated above, I always make a weekly plan. Every week can change on a dime so no set schedule really works for me. Every weekend (usually Sunday) I set out what I am going to do for each day of the week.
  3. Making a weekly schedule. Here is just a gist of what a week for me looks like and the schedule I will make: Monday– Business meetings, conference calls, meeting with my assistant Ina to set up a weekly plan with her, figuring out what edits I have to do and prioritizing my work load. Tuesday– Editing Day. All I do is edit photos. Wednesday, Blog post day. I usually categorize a few topics for what Wednesday will be. I also use this day to do other creative things and catch up on anything I may be behind on. Thursday– editing day two. As well as, album design and website design. Friday– Photo shoots for promoting my company, Blog posts (again we structure the topics) and getting prepped for any shoots I may have that weekend. Saturdays and Sundays if I am not shooting, I can have time to have a day or two off depending on how much work I get done which would not be possible without this weekly structure.
  4. Make your environment a beautiful place. I know that if I have to work from home and catch up on anything when I am not shooting on the weekends, I will hit up one of my favorite local spots and work there. It boosts my productivity, lessens distractions and makes my weekend workday more enjoyable. This is true for during the workweek as well. If I do need to work from home, like when I edit, I make sure my desk and surrounding space is neatly organized and not cluttered. This gives me a fresh start and a clean mind.

Long story short, if you have positive work vibes and build a foundation to keep focused, you will have a positive weekend and fresh week ahead. Properly planning and organizing sets the tone for the days ahead. I am always looking for new ideas and suggestions so feel free to comment and let me know what works for you!

Enjoy the beautiful fall weekend and always remember that Life Is Beautiful!😊


“Love consists of this: Two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

Ashley and her friends were getting ready in the beautiful bridal suite at Holland Ranch when I arrived to begin photographing her and Dan’s special day. The record breaking, sweltering heat only paled in comparison to the joy and excitement of the couple.

One of my favorite things about my job is seeing the love between two souls in their purest form; the bond that is their love and witnessing the sheer elation that a couple experiences on their wedding day. Ashley and Dan’s love for one another is unequivocally beautiful and pure.

They chose Holland Ranch as their venue because they wanted something in the central coast that would not only be a place where their guests could have fun late into the night, but a place that had a chic rustic feel to it and was unlike your typical ranch. Both agreed on navy and metallic colors to glam up the venue and to give it a luxurious vibe.

I hope you find Ashley and Dan’s wedding as impressively glorious as I felt documenting it.


The details of the day had such beautiful characteristics; from the rings to the dress, they were simply stunning.




Some brilliant metallic Loeffler Randall shoes anyone?



Ashley’s jewelry was a mix between her grandmothers vintage jewels and designer, NADRI Inc.



What wedding would be complete without a gorgeous Ines Di Santo gown? I was simply in awe of this dress!



A wedding that glitters is a wedding that stands out above the rest. Bridesmaids dresses by Adrianna Papell



From Ashley’s bouquet to the reception, the flowers by April Flowers SLO were simply incredible.



Instead of a cake, as neither Ashley or Dan are big desert fans, they opted for pies instead. The pies by Avilla Valley Barn were a hit and by the end of the night there was not a single bite left. Yum!



The ceremony took place at sunset and the scenery was beautiful. With Holland Ranch’s gorgeous rustic arch overlooking the lush property and with the tall California mountains in the background, letting in just the right amount of light, we were able to capture a truly remarkable ceremony.



What a beautiful couple inside and out!



Ashley and Dan’s bridal party were a fantastic group of people and made my job so incredibly easy! What a fabulous group of friends indeed.



The rustic inspired reception at the Holland Ranch barn was decorated perfectly to fit their unique style. Dan had wanted BBQ and they found the perfect catering team, Two Cooks Catering, who took their BBQ inspired food and gave it a fancied-upscale look and taste. The soulful music by Love Cartwright and his band had the guests (including myself) grooving all evening. They had a photo booth by The Awesome Booth who had everyone jumping in for fun pics with props which everyone enjoyed. The night was filled with dancing, full tummies and so much love!




Congratulations Ashley and Dan! I know you have a lifetime of happiness together and I feel so honored to have documented your incredible day!

Vendor Credits:

Photography: The Argus Image

Venue: Holland Ranch

2nd Shooter: Jessica Swaner

Flowers: April Flowers SLO

Caterer: Two Cooks Catering

Pies: Avilla Valley Barn

Coordinator: Jamie Strand of Holland Ranch

Photo Booth: The Awesome Booth

Band: Love Cartwright

Dress: Ines Di Santo

Shoes: Loeffler Randall

Jewelry: NADRI Inc.

Groom’s Attire: John Varvatos & DKNY


Thank you to everyone who made this wedding possible.

xo Britt Arnett of The Argus Image

It takes a village to build a successful business and as your business grows, so does your knowledge of whose quality of work fits your voice and business ethic.

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Deanna Nash Events

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Thank you to our incredible Magic Makers!


“ The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart..” – Helen Keller

Queenie Ho and James Giovanni Pan of Lumiére – A Curation of Love and I decided to collaborate on a stylized shoot that would illustrate the power of love. We endeavored to tell the story of two lovers and their friend, that have been separated by distance, reuniting for the first time in this glamorous vintage-wedding inspired photo shoot.

We had an amazing team of vendors and found the perfect location at the Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles to portray this story.

Love is Not Defined by Distance: A collaboration between Lumiére-A Curation of Love and The Argus Image


Shoes by BCBG…because who needs the yellow brick road when you have gold shoes.



Ms. Phoebe’s Chloe + Isabel Boutique  was kind enough to provide us with this absolutely stunning jewelry collection.



These beautiful floral designs were created by Una of The Flower Lab



Our story would not have been complete without our incredible models! Anna Kile, Daniel Galchenko & Kelsie Cofield




With a timeless feel and it’s striking décor, the Hotel Figueroa was the perfect setting for our vintage-inspired shoot. Each room tells a different story and gives off captivating emotion that is beautifully photogenic.


15-9-IMG_428614-10-IMG_4298-216-1-IMG_368820-18-IMG_390419-12-IMG_387418-6-IMG_3848 copy17-3-IMG_3825 copy21-34-IMG_393725-49-IMG_401524-44-IMG_399823-43-IMG_399422-39-IMG_3972


I have had the pleasure of working with the amazing Lesley Bodwell of Frost it Cakery before. Her delicious cakes and deserts are absolutely to die for! She created this gorgeous cake for our stylized shoot with the caption: “I want all of you forever, everyday you and me. Everyday.”



Una of The Flower Lab and I have previously worked on a couple of weddings. Her designs are nothing less than spectacular.



A story of love and friendship would not be complete without a little celebration. Cherished Rentals provided us with this lovely china and decor.



Lumiére- A Curation of Love has such a creative and unique feel to their designs. This new convertible gown can be worn three different ways as you will see below… how  impressive is that?! Not only are Queenie and her husband James two of the nicest people you will ever meet but they’re an incredibly talented duo.



Love has no boundaries. Love does not know time. Love is undefinable.



Love is not defined by distance.



Photography: The Argus Image
Location: Hotel Figueroa